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"How can I support my child with their school work at home?"

Words, Words, Everywhere - Word Study with Open Court, K-5 - December 5th - @ 6:30PM (Grade K-5 parents) 

Word study is the study of words, with a focus on sounds, spellings, and meanings.  Word study makes reading and writing possible.  In the 2019-2020 school year, we have adopted a new program, Open Court Foundational Skills and Word Analysis, to drive our word study curriculum and create transfer into our reading and writing workshop model.  The Word Study with Open Court Parent Academy will build your understanding of the progression your children will experience as they grow into all grade levels.  You will get to participate in hands-on experiences that mirror the work our students do on a regular basis, from learning sound-spelling stores, to building words, to analyzing word meanings, and developing oral language.  Presenters will provide strategies for parents to use at home to help support word study and answer any questions you might have.

Introduction to the Gifted and Talented Offerings in Mahwah Public Schools- April