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Betsy Ross Elementary School

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Child Study Team

Who are the members of the Child Study Team?

New Jersey Department of Education regulations require that the basic team includes a school psychologist, a learning consultant, and a school social worker, all of whom must be appropriately certified. For a preschool student, the regulations require the basic team to include a speech/language specialist.

What are the responsibilities of the School Psychologist?

The school psychologist has expertise in determining a child's level of intellectual development. In addition, the psychologist is concerned with the social and emotional status of school children and how these factors may affect behavior and performance in school. The school psychologist consults with regular classroom and special education teachers and parents to maximize each child's potential and to create a supportive and enriching instructional environment.

What is the responsibility of the Learning Consultant?

The learning consultant is trained to determine the learning styles of children and to recommend specific teaching methods/materials which will best accommodate a child's needs. The learning consultant also determines whether a child who has been referred to the Child Study Team has the academic knowledge and skills necessary for school success. In addition, the learning consultant provides consultative services to the regular and special education teachers and parents to develop strategies and techniques to enhance the students' academic performance.

What is the responsibility of the School Social Worker?

The expertise of the school social worker lies in assessing the student in relation to the family, school and community. In this role, the school social worker gathers information concerning the student's developmental milestones and health status. Family and school histories, as they pertain to the child's current school progress, are also obtained. The school social worker also is the primary specialist who coordinates community resources on behalf of students.